Show #7 – Rate Your Ride!

Happy New Year!

Quick show today to wish you a happy new year and…

1. Shoutout the Shin Dig Podcast

Insta: @the_shin_dig_podcast



2. Introduce the home of TRIALS SHACK content Specifically, the “Rate your ride” section needs your bike in it! email me, with the below:

A photo of your noble steed – How do you rate you bike, out of 5, on: Beauty, Street, Natural, Strength, Taps, Gaps, Side Hops, Bunny Hops & Front Wheel Moves.

The spec: Bars, Stem, Frame, Fork, Crank, Headset, Brakes, Grips, Pedals, Bash, Tensioner, Hubs, Rims, Tyres, Saddle?, Tubes?, Anything else?

I’ll get your bike added & might give you a shoutout on an upcoming episode.

3. Product reviews incoming, keep your peepers peeled

4. Go watch Euan Beadens new video, released today! (01/01/2021): Shot entirely on a GoPro Hero 9

Music: Sounds of Red Bull – “Switchboard” – Dominic Caudr (NS) With kind permission of Red Bull Sound Supply –

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